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Quality patient-centered care

Montebello Medical’s health care practice is based on solid, research-based medical evidence. Our family physicians and specialists provide health care services through a patient-centered approach, offering personalized care to each patient based on their specific physical, mental and emotional health care needs.

Through our multi-disciplinary clinic, we are able to incorporate shared knowledge from other medical specialties into primary medical care.  Patients benefit from a valuable network of health care professionals working to complement the primary care delivered through the family physician for comprehensive health care services.

Our family practice facility houses specialty and a walk-in clinic and is designed to offer more patients a comfortable and convenient health care experience.

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Flu Season: Get Your Flu Shot

According to Health Canada, an estimated 4,000 to 8,000 Canadians, mostly seniors, die every year from pneumonia related to flu and many others may die from other serious complications of flu.


For more information, visit:
• Government of Nova Scotia Health Protection and Promotion (www.gov.ns.ca/hpp/ocmoh/flu.htm)

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